Video and audio from the social reporters

Our social reporters @RosieHopes and @hollz2012 chased after interesting people with their smartphones to bring more to the discussions on Rights for Life. Here are their video and audio clips. Follow #rightsforlife to stay up to date with the conversation.

Listen to Holly McCormack talking to Mark Brown about stigma

Follow Mark on Twitter – @MarkOneInFour

Follow the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance on Twitter – @siaa_voice

Listen to Holly talk to Chris Young about Walk a Mile

Follow Chris on Twitter – @walkamile

Follow the ALLIANCE on Twitter – @ALLIANCEScot – as well as the Scottish Human Rights Commission – @ScotHumanRights – and NHS Health Scotland – @NHS_HS

Listen to Holly talk to Graham Brown MBE about rights and experience

Visit the HUG Action for Mental Health Facebook page or website

Visit the Mental Health Network Greater Glasgow website.

Listen to Rosie talk to Laura Caven of NUS Scotland about rights and education

Follow Laura on Twitter – @xLauraCx

Listen to Holly talk to Donna Franceschild about rights and barriers

Follow Donna on Twitter – @franceschild



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