Welcome to Rights for Life!

Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all things Rights for Life!


Over two days from 2-3 June 2015, the Scottish Recovery Network, See Me, and Voices Of eXperience joined forces to deliver a landmark national event on human rights and recovery simultaneously online and in Glasgow.

Rights for Life was a free event designed to allow people to come together around human rights, mental health recovery and non-discrimination. It was designed to be solutions-focused, engaging and positive.

As well as many of the audio recorded and filmed sessions, this site contains interviews with contributors and delegates, a summary Storify of all the main online action, and links to lots of related content like speaker slides and photographs.

Hundreds of delegates and over 60 guest speakers took part in panel discussions, showcases and debates, covering a vast array of topics:

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part in the event. Our task since then has been to move forward and transfer the knowledge and learning into real and tangible action. Actions which can have the potential to genuinely improve people’s lives, challenge stigma discrimination and enhance recovery. Actions which show that we speak with one voice when we say Rights for Life are not a luxury but a necessity. As part of this activity we have been developing a Rights for Life Declaration and Change Agenda (more about these here).

Help keep the conversation going at #rightsforlife. Join in and contribute your ideas to how we can develop a future vision for realising rights and recovery in Scotland.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Rights for Life!

  1. Eileen Hay says:

    Mental health service users should have the right to equality of pay, equality in the workplace and equality in society in general.


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