rights for life identityThe Rights for Life Declaration and Change Agenda

The Rights for Life Declaration is a statement of the rights that people affected by mental health issues in Scotland are calling for. Its aim is to help achieve transformational change to the way people affected by mental health issues enjoy their rights.

The Rights for Life Change Agenda accompanies the Declaration. It is intended to generate action to deliver the progressive realisation of the rights of people with mental health issues in Scotland today.

The Rights for Life Declaration and Change Agenda are based on the views of hundreds of people with experience of mental health issues and those family and friends who care for them. They started to take shape at the landmark Rights for Life conference in June 2015.

The Rights for Life 2015 event

Over two days from 2-3 June 2015, the Scottish Recovery Network, See Me, and Voices Of eXperience joined forces to deliver a landmark national event on human rights and recovery simultaneously online and in Glasgow.

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This was a free event designed to allow people to come together around human rights, mental health recovery and non-discrimination. It was designed to be solutions-focused, engaging and positive. As well as many of the audio recorded and filmed sessions, this site contains interviews with contributors and delegates, a summary Storify of all the main online action, and links to lots of related content like speaker slides and photographs.

Hundreds of delegates and over 60 guest speakers took part in panel discussions, showcases and debates, covering a vast array of topics.

Rights for Life consultations

After the 2015 event, the Rights for Life Steering Group organised widespread consultation on early drafts regionally, nationally and online. At this time, members of the Steering Group included Mental Health Network (Greater Glasgow), the Scottish Human Rights Commission, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance, Scottish Recovery Network, See Me and Voices Of eXperience.