Capacity and participation

Participation in decisions that affect us is a cornerstone of rights based and recovery oriented approaches to mental health and wellbeing. Capacity assessments – and therefore decisions as to levels of inclusion in decision-making – are a contentious area in mental health law and practice, particularly with regard to compulsory treatment and hospitalisation.

Chaired by well-known health journalist, Pennie Taylor, this plenary panel discussion addresses issues relating to capacity and participation in decision-making, such as the rights to liberty, privacy and equal recognition before the law, as well as choice, control, safety and risk.


  • Colin McKay (Chief Executive, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland) @colinimckay
  • Dr. Heather Stuart (Professor of Community Health and Epidemiology, Queen’s University Canada and Bell Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair)
  • Joyce Mouriki MBE (Chairperson, Voices Of eXperience)
  • Pennie Taylor (Journalist and Broadcaster) (Panel Chair) @ptupdate
  • Ron Coleman (Founder, Working to Recovery)
  • Shaben Begum MBE (Director, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance)

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One thought on “Capacity and participation

  1. Patients Council, REH says:

    Without a doubt participation in decision making is a fundamental right that all mental health service users are entitled to. However on a personal basis I would always be guided by medical professionals to guide my medical needs. Any participation by service users could only happen if professionals had the time and inclination to patiently explain the facts and the necessity of the need for medication.


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