How does co-production fit with recovery and rights based approaches?

This showcase looks at the work of two different organisations that use co-production to develop and deliver their work.

COPE Scotland are a lived experience led community group that tackles inequality and improves mental health services. They showcased their ‘This is my Choice’ film, which features the people who use their services and the journeys they have been on.

Theatre Nemo actively encourage people with mental health conditions and carers to take part in all different strands of their work. Their arts based work includes drama and drumming groups, as well as projects using the arts in hospitals, prisons and in the community, helping people to live fulfilled lives.


  • Barbra McCandless (Volunteer, COPE Scotland) @COPEScotland
  • Jaynie Duke (Self-management Mentor Volunteer, COPE Scotland)
  • Gordon Liddle (Business Development Manager, Theatre Nemo) @TheatreNemo
  • Hugh McCue (Project Coordinator & Co-founder Theatre Nemo)
  • Mahmud al-Gailani (Diversity Manager, Voices Of eXperience) (Chair)
  • Pete White (National Coordinator, Positive Prisons) @PositivePrison

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