Fair representation in the arts

How have the arts helped to tackle mental health stigma and aid recovery? (in collaboration with Mental Health Foundation)

Developed in collaboration with Mental Health Foundation, and developing on discussions at the recent Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival symposium, The Dust of Everyday Life, this session explores the role that the arts, film, TV and media have in the representation of people with lived experience of mental health problems, the right to empowered cultural expression and what role the arts play in tackling stigma and discrimination and supporting recovery.


  • Alex Hewitt (Photographer and Picture Editor) @alexhewittphoto
  • Andrew Eaton Lewis (Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Mental Health Foundation) (Chair) @aeatonlewis
  • Donna Franceschild (Writer and Dramatist) @franceschild
  • Iain Robertson (Actor) @robbo_iain
  • Dr Peter Byrne (Consultant Psychiatrist and Visiting Professor at University of Strathclyde) @pubmentalhealth

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