Patients’ rights and voices

How can patients’ rights be upheld and voices heard?

Rights for Life Conference  b18

This showcase features the work of two of the leading independent services informing, connecting and giving voice to people using NHS services.

The Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS) can be accessed from any Citizens Advice Bureau in Scotland as well as via Adviceguide. The showcase hears about the work of PASS and their commitment to supporting people to use their rights, know their responsibilities, share their experiences and make a difference to the NHS in Scotland.

Founded in 2005, Patient Opinion is now the UK’s leading independent non-profit feedback platform for health services. This showcase is the opportunity to hear more about how Patient Opinion facilitates the honest and meaningful conversations between patients and health services and how real stories can make health services better.


  • Christine Lang (PASS Project Co-ordinator, Citizens Advice Scotland) @citadvicescot
  • Eleanor Ogilvie (Programme Manager, See Me) (Chair) @SeeMeEleanor
  • Mike Hamilton (Integration Development Officer, Patient Opinion) @mikeedhamilton


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