Service change and SRI 2

How can SRI 2 support positive change for those delivering and accessing mental health services?

This showcase takes a closer look at the Scottish Recovery Indicator (SRI 2). This is a user-friendly online tool that those who provide and access services, as well as informal carers, can use to help improve practice. SRI 2 has been used by well over 300 services around Scotland, who have reported that “participating in this project enabled them to take a fresh look at recovery and consider how it has shaped their individual practice”.  NHS Lanarkshire are one such service. They share their experiences of how using SRI 2 has helped them improve the recovery focus of their practice.


  • Louise Christie (Network Manager, Scottish Recovery Network) (Chair) @SRNLouise
  • Robert Stevenson (Network Officer, Scottish Recovery Network)
  • Lynne Cruickshank (Senior Officer Younger Adults (Mental Health), North Lanarkshire Council) @NLCPeople
  • Theresa Watson (Practice Improvement & Development Nurse, NHS Lanarkshire) @theresalwatson


SRN, NHS Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire Council on the SRI 2

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