Video and Audio

Many sessions on day one of the Rights for Life landmark national event in June 2015 were recorded. As well as the rich content below, there are videos and interviews with contributors and participants here.

Welcome and introduction from Simon Bradstreet (Scottish Recovery Network), Judith Robertson (See Me) and Gordon Johnston (Voices Of eXperience).

Dr. Heather Stuart – keynote speaker

Graham Morgan MBE – keynote speaker

Audience Q&A with keynote speakers Dr. Heather Stuart and Graham Morgan MBE

The right to an adequate standard of living – panel discussion featuring Chris White (Policy and Development (Lived Experience), Mental Health Foundation) (Chair), Gael Scott (Policy Officer, Citizens Advice Scotland), John Dickie (Director, Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland), Louise Christie (Network Manager, Scottish Recovery Network) and Sheila Kettles (Scottish Trades Union Congress Women’s Committee)

Capacity and participation – panel discussion featuring Colin McKay (Chief Executive, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland), Dr. Heather Stuart (Professor of Community Health and Epidemiology, Queen’s University Canada and Bell Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair), Joyce Mouriki MBE (Chairperson, Voices Of eXperience), Pennie Taylor (Journalist and Broadcaster) (Panel Chair), Ron Coleman (Founder, Working to Recovery) and Shaben Begum MBE (Director, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance)

Doing things differently – showcase featuring Hope Café Lanarkshire and the CAS Skye and Lochalsh Advise-Ability Project

Day one review, featuring Chris O’Sullivan of Mental Health Foundation and Kuladharini of the Scottish Recovery Consortium

Around Rights for Life: an overview of the event

2 thoughts on “Video and Audio

  1. Derek Stewart says:

    In the work place – an employer can easily remove your basic Human rights … we only have temporary privlleges … Managers are unaccounatable for their actions – and can easily by-pass the common dignity and respect that everyone deserves.


  2. Hillary Lamb says:

    An amazing experience this two day conference. I met lots of interesting people and found a commonality with them. I feel I am not alone and as I said to my Peer Support Coordinator, I can finally be ‘ME’ and ‘ME’ is alright. Looking forwards to seeing the outcome of the World Cafe and all the interesting remarks and thoughts. And the fantastic piano players that was a welcome treat, thankyou for allowing me to be part of this fantastic conference.


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